What Do I Name This Post?


Unlike any previous posts, I have absolutely no plan for this weeks post. Let’s dive in and see what it turns out to be.

Graduation Week!

Ridiculously excited! I’m going to be a in High school next year! I’m home schooled, so I won’t be subject to the High School stuff I don’t want to know about, but still I mean that’s only 4 years of school left! AHHHH!
(SIDE NOTE: forgive me for running with scissors.)

Just a note guys, do I need to make my posts shorter? Are they boring to read if they are too long? Or are they a good length? Comment below and let me know.
Also, on the same note. What are your favorite style of posts? Something I already do or something new that I haven’t tried yet? You can also check out the categories widget on the sidebar to give you an idea of they style of posts I do. Go ahead and comment below and let me know there too.

Ok. I’m gonna go ahead and a small diary entry just to update you guys. Way to much has happened since I last updated. That was the BTT post, a LONG time ago.
So Tanya is actually getting married. And you will not guess who she’s marrying.

ETHAN! I was so shocked and stunned when I put two and two together. It’s ridiculous and I’m SOO EXCITED! Now that I think about it they are perfect for each other. I think Ethan will balance her very well. XD No offence Tanya, but sometimes you need balancing.
They are so in love it’s silly to watch them. I am so happy and glad for them.

What else. Well, I’ve submitted an article for publication in a magazine. I think I may have told you girls about that already. If it get’s published I will post a link to the magazine so you can subscribe (if you’re interested) I’m sort of scared and super excited because it will be my first piece of published material.

And I just can’t not. Bible studies. I AM IN LOVE right now. Like I’ve been having a little bit of feelings for one of my friends, and I grew up with “Before you Meet Prince Charming” by Sarah Mally in regards to guy/girl relationships. I have been in a very good attempt to guard my heart, and such. Well I do that by focusing on what matters most, which is Jesus. Lately I have been focused on His attribute of Love (Hence last weeks post) and I have been blown away by Him. I’m going to post just a few thoughts I have come across.

  • God is just, and being just He needs wrong to be punished. He loves us so much that He sent His ONLY Son. And because of His justice, He couldn’t just say “I love my Son so much, I’m just going to compromise not to have to go through such ‘searing loss.'” No, God is a God of Justice, and He will not compromise. Not even to escape from horrid pain and sorrow. (unlike us as humans. We do whatever we can to avoid pain) And He didn’t have to go to that cross. He could have left us here to die, but He didn’t. Jesus Christ went to the cross so that the God of Justice could remain Just, and the punishment and price paid, and yet we filthy humans, as we nailed Him there, can go to heaven, if only we believe and confess Him as our Savior. Is that love or what?
  • In Acts 11:26c it says “And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” What does this mean to us? Christian means “Christ-like” or “willing to die for Christ.” It is true. What we read here in Acts is the fact that the Christians did not give this name to themselves. “Were called Christians.” That means that they were given the name by, well, non-Christians. And how do you get a name? You earn a reputation. Those early Christians did not have to tell other “Oh, I am a Christian.” Their actions gave witness to their beliefs, and that’s how it should be. How sad it would be if you came up to someone and said “I am a Christian.” and they responded “Oh! Really? I couldn’t tell.” For Goodness Gracious, the disciples were given that name by others, not by themselves. Doesn’t that say something about the way we should be living?

Those are long thoughts. I’m going to go ahead and end with that portion here. Jesus loves us. So much. He is so huge and amazing, that no matter how many times you have stopped and stared at Him, and dwelt on His love, you will never be so full and tired of it. God is the Creator, and He will create new experiences and new learning opportunities. No matter how long you gawk in awe at Him, you can come back and do it again and again, and He never grows old. Do it. Gawk, worship, pray, and repeat.


Thanks for reading. Again, comment on what you think I should do. Next week I’m going to do a book review, a book called “Before You Meet Prince Charming.” Yup, that one. XD That’s not all though. I’m going to be posting some other stuff too. Knowing me I will have something to say.


P.S. I’m going to name these posts that have a little of everything the BOE series. It’s short of Bit Of Everything. e.i. “BOE Post 1” “BOE Post 2” etc. Good idea?

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