What Happened Last Week?


Hey, I promised to update you guys last week on the crazy machine Steve found in that barn/shed thing. Well it’s a book teleporter thingamajig. Let’s nickname it the BTT for short, because it’s going to need a category of it’s own.

The BTT is a device that will scan any book that you put into it’s clutches, and using prehistoric yet strangely functional technology to teleport you. Not practical at all, and I assume that’s why it ended up in some shed on some property.

What exactly does it do you ask? It takes you and anyone in the building into the book. Uh, yeah, a little crazy and totally impossible, but hey, this is a fiction blog.

Hmm… How did I know that?

Anyway, back to the point. Joseph and I got teleported to The Mysterious Island, by Jules Veren. Umhm. Right? That’s what I thought. Being the nerd he is, Joseph didn’t take to long to put two and two together. Here is a point by point diary I ended up typing up while we were there:

Uh.. Hey. So this is B.R.B., Day 1 on this Island. Apparently that thing that Steve found on our property is a teleporter. We got teleported to an Island, which didn’t take Joseph to long to figure out which one. Strangely enough, Joseph’s laptop that he was researching this thing on got teleported with us, and we have internet. What sort of mishmash is this thing? Anyway, at least I can update my blog.

Day 2 on the Island. Uh! The mosquito’s here are miserable! One thing that is good and pretty cool is that we can talk to the characters. The Captain is pretty smart, although he’s not as brilliant as they all make him seem. Honestly, they treat him like he’s their every answer, especially Pencroft, and Herbert simply believes that he’s a god, without saying it directly. Neb is a magnificent cook, and dinner was one of my favorite meals. I asked him for the recipe, but he was confused, because he didn’t know what the laptop was. Made me laugh. For some reason them are not derailed by finding out that we simply appeared. They think we are just more castaway, and they were more than willing to take us in. They didn’t get my name. They all keep calling me Bethany. Talk about weird. Anyway, hopefully Joseph will figure out how to get us out of here before to long. Ma and Steve are gonna throw a fit. And I won’t mention Joseph’s parents. I wonder how this thingamajig handles time. Hmmm.

Day 3 on the Island. Updated my blog. Still enjoying Neb’s cooking. The captain can’t understand why we won’t settle down about staying. We haven’t tried to explain the entire “You’re fiction and you have a story and we are real and we read about you, and there is actually a real life out there that you don’t know about” deal. Oh well. All I have to say is “Hurry up Joseph.” Those grass bed’s aren’t my favorite, although I’m glad to be out of the rain.

Aha, so that’s that. Evening of Day 3 Joseph hurried up and figured out how to get us home. Strangely enough Mom and Steve and everyone else didn’t even know we were gone for more than two days. Seems the machine teleports us directly to the moment in reality from where we left.

Oh the adventures we are going to have! Nothing malfunctioned, and I think we can trust this trusty old BTT. So what do you guys think? Do you think I should try it out on another book? Oh. And when we got home I read over the part that we got teleported to. Nothing in the story changed. It’s like we never even went there, which is awesome. It means we can’t alter the story.

Pretty cool guys! I bet you all wish you could be fiction too! Oh wait.. How do I know that?…


If you are over 14 and ok with reading romance, click this link. It will send you to a page where I have a small part of a book I am thinking to write. Comment and tell me what you think. Please be careful. It’s not for girls under 12 for sure. Use your self control. Here is a link to my discussing my book censoring and age bases.

2 thoughts on “What Happened Last Week?”

  1. CowgirlLexi says:

    I wish I was you, BRB! Then I could go into the BTT and visit Andi Carter. But only if I could come right back to the ranch here.

    1. Libby May says:

      That’s defiantly going to be one of the books I am going to visit! I’m just not sure which one. We’ll see. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! I love reading comments.

      And I love your blog too! It’s so funny and you are so cute! I would follow you if you had the follow widget. Do you know how to add that to a blog?

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