What Now, Dewdrops and Butterflies Blog Tour Day 6

Welcome to day 5 of the blog tour y’all. We’re coming down to the end of the blog tour and I can’t believe that it’s already almost over. It’s crazy. For the last two years, my main project was this little piece of art and now that it’s done… I’m possibly excited and also a little lost…

Ok that’s a lie. Now that Dewdrops and Butterflies is done, finished, completed, cap-eesh, I already had a new project I was working on. Of course, if you’ve been around for any amount of time you’ve already heard about this story and you know that November of 2018, and April Camp Nano were dedicated to the non-sequel of Dewdrops and Butterflies… Playgrounds and Black Markers.

Playgrounds and Black Markers hinges on the young boy you meet in Dewdrops and Butterflies. His name is Jake Jett, and during one of the bajillion editing sessions I had with Dewdrops and Butterflies, he reached out his hand, grabbed mine and said “Please please tell my story. I have a story too.”
Honestly, I did feel a little bad for him, with Rose abandoning him and all, but what intregued me most was why he hung out with her, and I had to get answers.

Playgrounds and Black Markers is in the same format as Dewdrops and Butterflies, in that it has three different POVS. Although Alex, Rose, Angel and of course a little toddler Jasper, are all IN the book, they take a little bit of a back seat and gear the story like Alex did in Dewdrops and Butterflies. Playgrounds and Black Markers is Jake’s story, and I let it be.

I say a non-sequel because technically Playgrounds and Black Markers is not a sequel… The plotline and points and story in Dewdrops and Butterflies finished in Dewdrops and Butterflies, because it was not meant to be a series. It’s not going to be.

Playgrounds and Black Markers has some of the same characters, same format, same author obviously, and some of the same aspects, but it’s totally and completely a different story, and either of the books can stand alone without the other.

Playgrounds and Black Markers also has a higher age audience. I like to say I wrote Dewdrops and Butterflies for younger girls, and when I sat down to write Playgrounds and Black Markers, I just wrote it for me. The story came and came and came, and I didn’t commit to actually finishing it until I was 65k words in. The drafted manuscript, (yes it’s all done and written) is 185k words.

So that’s what’s next. All glorious 185k words are handwritten in 8 different journals, and for NaNoWriMo 2019, I’m typing up the story I was writing last year.

If all goes well, Playgrounds and Black Markers may be ready for release sometime next year, however knowing how much I dislike editing, it may take longer, but since I’ve now published, I’ll also know a little more of the ins and outs, and it’ll run more smoothly.

So that’s what’s next! Hey guys, the giveaway winners get announced SUNDAY, which is the day after tomorrow. That means you STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN! Don’t forget to enter!

Today I have two lovely links to share, from two lovely ladies who helped out with my blog tour. Ellen read and reviewed Dewdrops and Butterflies and you can read her review here, and Kaitlyn did the same, you can read it here!
Both girls were so sweet and I’m so blessed that they were willing to participate. Thanks girls!

If you’re intrested in getting your hands on a copy, the first 13 people to order through my shop here will get two Dewdrops and Butterflies bookmarks for free!

Thank you girls for your time and I pray God uses me and this blog and this book to bless you all.

What’s next for you? What’s a big project have you recently finished, and what are you moving onto next? Or maybe you’re right smack in the middle of one!

You know come December/January, geoturtle is going to get something like a major face lift, update, and well… plastic surgery. I’m not exactly fully set on how much is going to change, but I am excited for it! Let’s hope work and Playgrounds and Black Markers doesn’t keep me so busy that I won’t be able to settle down to do it until spring time XD.

Live, Laugh, and Love, girls!

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