Who is B.R.B.?

B.R.B. is a girl I have created by the name Beth Rebecca Brown. She is a fiction character. You can read her earlier life story in the first post I have ever published on this blog.

Beth was inspired by Me. I am older than I used to be, but I always loved hanging with my friends and family and I kept a diary and I thought it would be super fun to write a blog making fiction stories based off of my diary entries. This is a FICTION blog, and none of the stories are honestly true. The additional characters are also based off of people I knew and know and enjoyed being with, or disliked. The names have been changed for my personal liking XD and for the safety of others and myself. I know the names of those people and why I named them what I did. All the life lessons, book reviews, music comments, and generally all comments on life are real. Just the stories are fake. Anyway, I’m super excited to have this blog started and hoping to post more!


Honestly not a fictional character,