Hi. A very random post today. I want to post about my almost most favorite thing. I really really love Willow Tree Figurines. So much! I know that it’s odd to a lot of people, the fact that the figures do not have faces, but I put so much into those faces from my own imagination.

Each piece has its own unique meaning to each person that has one, so to me each of my figures means something.


This figure, called “Surrounded by Love” was the very first figure I ever received. Mom got this one for me for Christmas in an especially hard year, reminding me that I was surrounded by love.
I do not name each of my figures (which is actually something I would normally do) but I place the year, and the event that this gift fell on. (fell upon, as in the date. XD) This little girl means a lot to me. Not only because I’d wanted a Willow Tree for so long, and Steve and Mom decided to get me one, but also what she represents.

The next one is called “Happiness” and I mostly call her Freedom. She represents a deep breath for me. My real mom’s other sister says she’s a scarecrow, XD, but she was one of the ones I wanted the most! I received her from that very sister for my Baptism last year.  The way her hair is so thick and poofy reminds me of this one girl I know, and it’s really one of my favorites.

“Love of Learning” was a gift for my birthday last year. Normally when I find figures I want, I create my own name for them, before I even know what their real name is. For me this one represented my love for the Word. That books just looks like a Bible, don’t you think? And I love her little bang. XD

“Angel Love” was not on my list, but it was the thought! Also a gift, this one was special to me, representing love itself. It makes me think of the way I really ought to love, and the way I am loved by Jesus. Although she was not one of my very favorites, I still really like this one.

“Soar.” She is also a symbol of freedom to me. The innocents of a girl, a pure young lady, free and able to serve Jesus with her life. I really like this one.

Look at that! I really like all of these! Well yes. They are like a set of sisters to each other, and I really wouldn’t want to be without any one of them. I hope to add more to the clan soon.

As each of them pulls me back to a certain time and event in my life, I’m constantly reminded of what they mean, and how very loved I am.

What about you? What do you guys think about Willow Trees? Do you think they are too odd without faces, or do you have an appreciation for that? Do you have a collection that means a lot to you?


2 thoughts on “WILLOW TREE FIGURES”

  1. Mariah says:

    My mom really likes these! She has: a sisters one (like with two girls hold hands), two couple type ones, two with a woman and a baby boy, one with a woman and a little girl and one with a couple and a baby!!! I think they are really nice!

    1. Libby May says:

      They are really nice! I really like them. XD

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